Mechanical Engineering

Well, I have succumbed again to the lure of great mechanical engineering design.  And the likely groundless hope that I will be getting into some sort of shape.

I bought a new bicycle.  And this time I didn’t shop around for the best deal, but rather ignored the hefty price tag and plowed ahead.  Of course it isn’t the latest carbon-fiber miracle of weight savings with titanium fittings.  Nor is it a rough and tumble quarterhorse-like mountain bike with hydraulic suspension.  Neither is it a sedate single speed beach cruiser that harkens back to childhood days.

It is, though, rather special.  And below is an animation to show you why.

It’s called a Brompton and it is still made in England to a design that is about 40 years old now, with few major changes.  They got it just about right back then and have made just detail improvements since then.  And though I look a bit like a trained bear at the circus riding the thing, it actually is a pretty good bicycle.  The folding wonderment is just a bonus.

And now I have great fantasies about travels with the Brompton.  Taking trains to the hinterlands, unfolding the bike at remote stations and pedaling off to great adventures.  Perhaps I am too old and fat for that now, but I absolutely love it when great design and quality engineering and production can stir up those thoughts.  Thanks, Brompton, for all your efforts.


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