We have become so jaded and so unromantic. What happened to us? Is it the throwaway society? The constant search for the next shiny thing? Or are we just so spoiled that we can’t appreciate simpler things?

Case in point. Above is the first page of my laptop manual. It goes on like this for many more pages of warnings and cautions. No enthusiasm or even marketing of the product. Just make sure you don’t electrocute yourself and I guess you’ll like using it?

Compare that to the first page of a Remington typewriter manual from 1932.

There you are, using the same device as great explorers and writers. Think how that must have felt. This was more than a writing tool, more than a utensil. It was an object linked to adventure and greatness. And yeah, sure, it was marketing, but it was fun and romantic marketing for a less jaded time.

I suppose that’s why this typewriter lasted these 89 years. Who could throw away such a great machine? Besides, it still works great.

I don’t suppose we can ever be cured of our jadedness. Too bad, I think we might have been happier.


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